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Snipps is a application for manage code snippets. The main idea is to have a fast and mouse independent application based on keyboard shortcuts. Snippets are filtered by name and optionally with criteria: language and/or tags. The application run in background and could be closed from taskbar or by press ALT+F4 when main window is focused.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • WIN+SPACE(global) - show/hide main window
  • ESC - hide main window/cancel edit and navigate to previous view
  • TAB - focus next control
  • SHIFT+TAB - focus previous control
  • CTRL+E - edit selected snippet/tag(nagivate to edit view)
  • CTRL+N/down arrow - select next snippet/tag
  • CTRL+P/up arrow - select previous snippet/tag
  • CTRL+G - select first item in completion list
  • CTRL+SHIFT+G - select last item in completion list
  • CTRL+I - show preview of snippet content
  • CTRL+D - delete selected item(snippet or tag)
  • CTRL+S - save edited item(snippet or tag) and navigate to previous view
  • CTRL+TAB - put tab space in snippet content text(edit snippet view)
  • ENTER - activate selected item:
    • - snippet - copy snippet content to clipoard, hide main window and then pastle content
    • - tag - add selected tag to filter criteria/assign snippet with selected tag


Snipps - main window


Snipps - edit snippet

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